Frequently asked questions

Why should you contact me?

After contacting me, you are entitled to your free consultation and fitness assessment. There is no forced sign up, just a chance for me to find out more about your fitness goals and what you would like to achieve and how I can help you to achieve these. I have a passion for fitness and love to share this with all my clients. My ultimate goal is to help improve your quality of life.

What is included in the plan?

The plan will explain tailored details of your exercises in a 6 week programme including the muscles targeted, the reps, the sets and the rest. Your plans also come with Video Tutorials of the exercises specific to your programme. You will also recieve a nutritionl advice plan to use along side your plan.

What days do you work?

I mostly operate Monday to Friday 06am - 21:30pm. Weekend times can be discussed.

What if i need to cancel?

I operate a 12 hour notice cancellation fee, I understand that life can get in the way, so if the session is cancelled 12 hours before or more the a full refund for the session will be given. If you cancel within 12 hours then full payment will be required.

How long do sessions last?

1-1 training lasts either for 1 hour or half an hour depending on what option you chose. Online consultations also last 1 hour.

How do I pay for my session?

Sessions are paid for via Bank Transfer. Full reciepts are sent as soon as the payment has been recieved.

Do I have to buy a package or can I pay for session by session?

You can do whatever suits you best. Some people prefer to buy in bulk as you do get some discount when booking this way however then you need to be committed to the programme. Others prefer to pay on a 'Pay As You Go' policy. It is entirely up to you.

Do I have to do the same slot each week?

No, some people prefer a routine whereas other's prefer to fit their sessions in around their life. I will always try to be as flexible as I can* *subject to availability

Will you give me a nutrition / diet plan?

The short answer - No. I am neither a qualified nutritionist or GP (these are the only people who can legally write strict food / diet plans) so if someone ever offers you this, please do check that they are correctly qualified to do so. What I can do for you is to offer you in depth nutritional advice to help better your diet. I can help you when it comes to making healthier decisions as this is an important factor to any fitness programme.



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