Hi my name is Mike and I have always had a passion for fitness and being active, whether that is by playing and coaching sports or getting in the gym and working towards a goal. More importantly I love helping people, that is why I got into personal training and I'm excited to start helping you.

For me its all about quality of life, if you look after your body by how you train and what you eat, your quality

of life improves - meaning you can do more of the things you want and feel great doing them.


Whatever your fitness goals, I will be here

every step of the way to help you achieve

your goals with training sessions tailored

specifically to your needs with

nutritional advice.


This journey will be tough,

but together we can get you

where you want to be and

have some fun along

the way!

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What Can I Do For You?

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

SAQ Training

Disability Inclusion Training

Level 1 Strength & Conditioning

First Aid Training


Weight Loss Training

Are you looking to get rid of those hard to shift pounds? I'll bring the full body workout plans and nutritional advice, if you're then ready to bring the hard work and desire to change. We can work together to build a healthier you!

Strength and Conditioning

Tailored towards your more experienced gym-goers who are looking to take their workouts to the next level. These plans are designed to focus on building a stronger you.

Sport specific training

Do you have a passion for a particular sport? Let me build you a training plan that improves your performance on the field, the court or in the pool. I will focus on the key muscle groups needed to excel in your sport.



Are you looking to bulk? These workouts will be tailored to increase your muscle size. High Sets, Low Reps, Heavy Weight.

Functional fitness training

These workouts specialise in focusing on the everyday movements that we were born to perform. Training the body as a whole rather than isolated training.

Core Stability Training

This training focuses on strengthening the core making your bridge between your upper and lower body as strong as it can be. Combined with mobility training to offer the highest level of support your body needs.

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